Skip counting negative numbers: complete the series - Practice



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Problem Type Selection:


1st number range: Select the first number in the series in the selected range.


Increment range: Select the range in which the numbers in the sequence are to be separated.


Number of items to fill: Select the number of items to be filled.


Count-by help:Show the value separate the numbers in the sequence.


Play: Starts presenting the problems. By changing any of the configurable values the Play button could be pressed again.


Lock Selection: pressing this button will lock all the user selections. Lock image will appear in the status box. Also Lock Selection button will be changed to Unlock button and also reset the status fields. Pressing Unlock will release the lock.

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Enter the answer: From the given number series find out the pattern. Find out Increment or decrement by what amount and fill the empty boxes with the right values.

Show Answer When the answer is submitted if the answer is wrong then help will be provided to solve the problem.