Learn counting by selecting objects - Practice



Operation Count Right Wrong
Count 0 0 0

Play Area  

'; var helpSelection_count1='

Problem Type Selection:


Number of objects: Select the upper limit for counting. It has values 5, 10, 20 and 25. Example: If 10 is selected then only objects between 1 and 10 will be presented for counting.


Play: Starts presenting the problems. By changing any of the configurable values the Play button could be pressed again.


Lock Selection: pressing this button will lock all the user selections. Lock image will appear in the status box. Also Lock Selection button will be changed to Unlock button and also reset the status fields. Pressing Unlock will release the lock.

'; var helpPlayCount='

Enter the answer: Select the required number of objects and press submit. If the answer is correct then next problem will be presented. If the answer is wrong “Show Answer” button will be presented.

Show Answer If the answer is wrong then help will be provided to solve the problem.