Subtraction word problems - Printable Worksheets

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1. What is the number that is 685 less than 5132?

2. What is the predecessor of 10000?

3. Sum of two numbers is 9000. One of the numbers is 3000. What is the other number?

4. There were 4501 bikes in a shop. 1409 bikes got sold. How many bikes left in the shop?

5. Vikram went to a store with 5030 dollars. In the store he spents 2301 dollars. How many dollars is left with him?

6. A factory produced 50000 cars and 1670 of them were sold. How many cars were still not bought?

7. A farm had 23000 animals. 12050 were sold. How many animals were still there in the farm?

8. John had 15000 marbles, he lost 3915 marbles over the years, how many marbles he is left with?

9. What number comes before 1090?

10. In an apartment there were 5531 houses, 2600 were sold. How many houses were still unsold?