Multiplication word problems - Printable Worksheets

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1. There were 15 airplanes in an airport. Each airplane had 317 passengers on board. How many people were in all the airplanes?

2. There were 23 blocks in an apartment and there were 306 houses in each block. How many houses are there in all?

3. There are 24 eggs in a carton. How many eggs were there in twenty cartons?

4. A man pays 2000 dollars a month as rent for the house. How much does he pay in a year?

5. A microwave costs 200 dollars. How much would 35 such microwaves cost?

6. There were 15 books, each with 226 pages. How many pages were there in all?

7. Brady buys a pen a week for 2 dollars. How much does he send in 23 weeks?

8. A shirt costs 15 dollars and a pant costs 23 dollars. What is the total price of 24 shirts and 16 pants?

9. A boy went to a shop with 500 dollars. He bought 4 books worth 57 dollars each, 6 movie CD’s worth 45 each. Was he able to pay his bill or not?

10. It takes 3 hours to build a chair and 5 hours to build a table. How much time it will take to build 55 chairs and 36 tables?