Division word problems - Printable Worksheets

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1. There were 5460 chocolates in a box. 4 peoples shared the chocolates in the box. How many chocolates did each one get?

2. What is the remainder if the number 5789 is divided by 6?

3. What is the quotient if the largest 4 digit number is divided by the largest 2 digit number?

4. If a bottle can hold 560 milliliters. How many bottles required to hold 4480 milliliters?

5. If a year has 365 days then how many years will make up 4380 days?

6. A boy had 5600 marbles. He gave 7 people an equal share of marbles. How many marbles did each one get?

7. A group of people earn 42880 dollars a year and each person gets 5360 dollars a year. How many people are there?

8. Albert has 1288 dollars. He spends all his money on games . Buys games for 23 each. What is the cost of a game?

9. In a zoo there are 1200 small birds and 1800 big birds. The zoo authority distributed the birds in equal number of cages.
    To distribute 30 birds in each cage, how many cages are required?

10. There were 9990 candies in a jar. 4 boys and 2 girls shared it equally. How much did each one get?