Addition word problems - Printable Worksheets

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1. How much is the number 345 more than 6732?

2. What is the successor of 9999?

3. John born in 2001, what will be the year when he is 35?

4. A man travelled for 158 miles by train, 306 miles by car and 5 miles by walking, What is the total distance covered by him?

5. A factory produced 25000 cars and 45000 bikes in a year, how many automobiles were made in that year?

6. A farm was full of animals. There were 465 chickens, 673 ducks, 453 cows and 200 bulls. How many animals were there in the farm?

7. There are two types of flowers in a garden . Pink ones and orange ones. There are 7265 pink flowers and 3825 orange flowers. How many flowers are there in all?

8. In a library there were 5000 fiction books, 3456 nonfiction books and 5990 educational books, how many books were there in all?

9. What number comes after 2000?

10. In an apartment there are 3 blocks each with 5534 houses, how many houses are there in all?